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Technical Ceramics

Glass products

Flat glass tempering systems

Fused silica blocks within tempering float air systems

Fused silica rollers for tempering and conveyance systems

Sillimantin® supports for tempering furnace heating element systems

Glass melting furnaces and float glass tin baths

Precision glass molding (PGM) of lenses

Ceramic (CVD SiC) mold tool dies for aspheric glass lenses

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Materials used in Glass Manufacturing





Glass Products Capabilities

Morgan’s Halroll FS fused silica rollers are used to transport glass through the tempering process. These rollers feature a patented mechanical end cap fixing system which allows the rollers to run true during their lifetime in the harsh environment of the glass tempering furnace.

During design of new glass products and glass manufacturing equipment, our customers rely upon our development expertise to meet their ever-changing requirements and to manufacture rollers designed to ensure a high quality, scratch-free glass finish required for shatterproof tempered glass.




Glass Mould Tooling

CVD silicon carbide (CVD SiC) ceramic is used as mould cavities, dies, inserts, tooling and master moulds for the moulding of precision glass lenses, such as aspherical lenses, used in various camera applications such as automotive cameras. Ceramics are used instead of steel tooling when the lenses are made of either Low Tg or High Tg glass due to the moulding temperatures required. Ceramics are also preferred due to their hardness, compressive strength, oxidation resistance, wear resistance, temperature stability, and similar thermal expansion coefficient of certain glasses.




Why Ceramics?

Chemical properties

Electrical properties

Mechanical properties

Thermal properties

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By making the glass more durable, our customers can satisfy the safety concerns of various applications without compromising design requirements. Consequently, tempered glass is becoming increasingly popular in modern vehicles and modern architectural designs.

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