Technical Ceramics

Foundry Products

Morgan Technical Cermaics offers a wide range of products for foundry use from our Certech® facilities including crucible liners, pour cups, snouts, filters, mould caps and many more.

Our foundry products are made from the same materials we use to make our ceramic cores but we usually recommend our G family materials as they are a composition of 70% silica and around 30% zircon. This material shows excellent stability at high temperatures and is easy to leach out. 

The type of alloy being cast is also crucial - our ceramics can be used with a wide range of alloys, including nickel and cobalt based alloys, steels and aluminium, but the match between alloy and ceramic must be appropriate. The size and complexity of the item being cast will also influence the selection of a particular material. 

Our compositions allow for there to be minimal interaction between the core and the metal that will be used in the casting process. The low coefficient of thermal expansion makes sure our product stays dimensionally stable as the molten metal solidifies during the casting process. The stability of the compositions at high temperatures is very important as it allows our customers to meet the tight casting tolerances demanded by the Aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbine markets. 

We offer a wide range of materials and our dedicated team can help with the selection of the best one for your application. Datasheets detailing the properties of our material families can be seen within the datasheets section

The foundry hardware products manufactured by Morgan are mainly used within the industrial and hardware markets specialising in casting techniques. 

For example, the pour cups will be the entry route for the molten metal to flow into the shelled wax/ceramic core assembly to form blades and vanes for the Aerospace and IGT sectors. All other products follow a similar route helping the molten metal to set within the casting or to make sure there are no undesirable chemical reactions during the process.