Technical Ceramics

Metallised Ceramic Components

We manufacture a variety of ceramic grades with matching metallising processes which enable us to provide a solution to your requirements. These metallised ceramic components are ideal for use within high vacuum, high voltage and high pressure applications. 

We provide metallised ceramic RF windows for therapeutic equipment, metallised ceramic rings for medical linear accelerators/power tubes and photo multipliers and components for insulators and sensors. Our high purity alumina is used to manufacture metallised sensor assemblies that feature tight tolerances and specifications in a range of small sizes up to 1.25” long and ~.75” in diameter.  

These components are available as bare ceramic or metallised without any assembly but we specialise in supplying the complete part with all components and secondary operations such as coatings and testing. These components are perfect for applications such as proximity sensors used in aircraft for control surfaces and components used for sensing toxic gasses.