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Water Systems

Component reliability and total customer support: Morgan Technical Ceramics is perfectly placed to support the needs of the water market worldwide.

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Water Systems Products

As a successful partner of over 50 years in manufacturing high volumes for the water market, Morgan is perfectly placed to serve the needs of the industry. Offering a complete solution in both ceramic and carbon, Morgan's wide material portfolio is truly a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Hot water Re-circulation Pump Parts

Ceramic rods & shafts

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Water Applications Materials

Our high-quality materials exhibit very low wear rates, extending the life of the pump and providing reliable running for the end-user. Morgan Technical Ceramics components can be found in all water pump applications from drinking water and domestic use up to wastewater and industrial cooling.

Why Ceramics?

With precise engineering capabilities allowing for tight tolerances, volumes varying from one-offs to millions global manufacturing footprint capable of providing local support, Morgan Technical Ceramics is perfectly placed to serve your needs.