Technical Ceramics

Why choose Morgan Dental Investment Magnesium Oxide Powders?

Morgan Technical Ceramics have extended their magnesium oxide (MgO) product range in offering the Delamag range, an extremely consistent high purity magnesium oxide powder with narrow chemical and physical parameters. Morgan Dental MgO powders are a range of high purity MgO powders for the dental mass market, formerly marketed by Delamin ltd and has served the Dental Investment market for over 15 years.

Dental Investment MgO Powders

Our customers value the performance of our MgO powder, highlighting the stable base created by the powder's consistency, activity and physical properties. This consistency allows dental technicians to reduce variability in their formulations, making it easier to get the mix right first time, ton after ton! Particle size distribution is monitored on a regular basis to ensure batch consistency.

Morgan Luminex® Dental Grades

The reaction time of magnesium oxide powder is critical in Dental Investment mixes. 

  • Luminex® Dental S (Slow)
  • Luminex® Dental F (Fast)
  • Luminex® Dental ES (Extra Slow)
  • Luminex® Dental EF (Extra Fast)