Technical Ceramics


The Technical Ceramics business of Morgan Advanced Materials has grown through a process of strategic acquisition and consolidation. It combines the resources and expertise of its constituent companies to offer a product range and technical capability whose breadth and depth is difficult to equal. The origins of this specialist business date back to 1964 when Steatite & Porcelain Products Limited was acquired from ICI. This company was started in 1929 in the UK, but the investment by Morgan Advanced Materials plc (then The Morgan Crucible Company plc) 35 years later marked the genesis of the modern-day Technical Ceramics business.

Three further acquisitions in the UK were followed by a major milestone in the early development of the division with the acquisition of Duramic Products in New Jersey in 1986. This heralded the start of the rapid expansion of our operations in the USA.

The Technical Ceramics journey

1964 - Acquisition of Steatite & Porcelain Products Ltd, Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire, UK, from ICI. Now known as Morgan Technical Ceramics Ltd, Stourport

1972 - Acquisition of Park Royal Porcelain in Sandy, Bedfordshire, UK (Relocated to Stourport in 1998)

1982 - Acquisition of Anderman & Ryder Ltd, Molesey, Surrey, UK (Relocated to Rugby in 1994).

1984 - Acquisition of Advanced Materials Engineering Ltd, subsequently branded to MTC Stourport

1984 - Launch of Morgan Matroc Ltd and Morgan Matroc Inc.

1986 - Acquisition of Duramic Products, later combined with WESGO and now known as WESGO-Duramic Products, Fairfield

1987 - Acquisition of Spoumd SA, France. Became Morgan Matroc SA and relocated to Collegien - subsequently sold to a management buy out team.

1987 - Acquisition of Unilator Ltd, Ruabon, UK. Transferred to Morgan Electro Ceramics in 1999

1989 - Acquisition of Alberox Inc, New Bedford, MA, USA

1989 - Acquisition of Vernitron, Bedford, OH, USA and Vernitron, Southampton, UK. Both were transferred to Morgan Electro Ceramics in 1999.

1991 - Acquisition of WESGO Inc Belmont, CA and Fairfield NJ, USA, plus WESGO Gmbh, Erlangen, Germany. This acquisition included the Ceramics and Precious Metal activities of WESGO Inc.

1992 - Acquisition of Lodge Ceramics, Rugby, UK from Smith's Industries

1995 - Joint Venture in Jaiding, China creating Shanghai Morgan Matroc Technical Ceramics Co. Ltd - subsequently closed at the end of 2008

1997 - Acquisition of W.Haldenwanger Gmbh, Waldkraiburg and Berlin, Germany, together with JV operation in Yixing, China and Bolt Technical Ceramics, a distributor in Conroe Texas, USA - Bolt subsequently relocated to Fairfield in 2005.

1998 - Acquisition of GBC Materials, Latrobe, PA, USA

1999 - Launch of Morgan Advanced Ceramics and Morgan Electro Ceramics

2000 - Acquisition of the Electroceramics Division of Philips in Eindhoven

2001 - Acquisition of Performance Materials Inc, Hudson NH, USA and Diamonex Inc, Allentown, USA

2003 - Merger of Morgan Advanced Ceramics and Morgan Electro Ceramics to form Morgan Technical Ceramics

2007 - Closure of the Eindhoven Electroceramics sites, with relocation of the business into Ruabon and Southampton

2008 - Acquisition of Certech and Carpenter Advanced Ceramics

2010 - Technical Ceramics and Thermal Ceramics merge to become Morgan Ceramics

2013 - Morgan Ceramics folded into Morgan Advanced Materials to make "One Morgan"