Technical Ceramics


We have a range of alumina materials marketed under the name of AlsintTM, offered for our Haldenwanger® range of products.

AlsintTM 99.7

Alsint 99.7 is an impervious material. It is the best high temperature, ceramic material for kiln construction with 99.7% Al2O3 (the difference is mainly MgO and SiO2).

  • Type C 799 according to
  • DIN EN 60672
  • Refractoriness up to 1800°C
  • Good thermal shock resistance due to high thermal conductivity
  • High mechanical strength
  • High electrical resistivity

AlsintTM Porous

High purity, porous 99.5% Al2O3

  • Better thermal shock resistance than Alsint 99.7
  • Refractoriness is similar to Alsint 99.7
  • Similar chemical resistance to Alsint 99.7
  • Reducing gases, even pure hydrogen, do not attack Alsint porous
  • Alsint porous is mainly used for the manufacture of ignition dishes and crucibles, but also for porous outer protection tubes for thermocouples. Isostatic pressing is possible, so that large tubes can also be manufactured
  • Muffle tubes

Recommended Alsint Applications

  • High working temperature, chemical attack, e.g. hydrogen and other reducing gases
  • Clean kiln atmosphere
  • Thin-walled designs having high thermal shock resistance