Technical Ceramics

Quadrupole Components

Morgan Technical Ceramics offers a wide range of quadrupole components for use in mass spectrometry applications.

Quadrupole Supports/Saddles

We manufacture complex ceramic and metallised ceramic supports/saddles and collars for quadrupole mass analysers, used in mass spectrometry instrumentation.  

Supports and collars can be produced to suit a wide range of quadrupole designs utilising your preferred rod mounting methods. We have the capability to precision manufacture these parts to exacting tolerances and to metallise components as required for specific electrical discharge characteristics.

Quadrupole Rods

The inherent thermal stability of high purity ceramic helps instrument manufacturers achieve superior measurement resolution when using ceramic rods rather than traditional metal rods, in their quadrupoles. As a result, the overall performance of the mass spectrometer is improved.

We manufacture ceramic quadrupole rods in a wide range of diameters and surface finishes to very exacting tolerances in terms of straightness, roundness and size. Rods are manufactured from high quality 97.5% alumina and can be thin film coated as specified.