Technical Ceramics

Wax Injection and Assembly

Our Derby facility has many years of experience in offload wax injection, wax assembly and core finishing for the Aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbine Industries.

Our specialist team of engineers will work with customers to select the best raw materials to match your process and following this, provide wax pattern tooling and all associated auxiliaries made to customer specification.

We have the ability to support the supply of cored and solid wax patterns, runner and full wax assembly systems, including pouring cup assemblies.  We also specialise in the production of Equiax, DS and SX assemblies and patterns.

We work with customers that do not have the capacity to perform this function in-house providing services such as injecting runner systems, X-ray and ultrasonic inspect solid and ceramic cored wax patterns plus we will assemble the patterns and runner systems together.

We are able to offer resources for research & development, along with production activity that includes a comprehensive inspection service.

Our expertise in this field mean we can spec and manufacture wax pattern injection dies along with setters and reformers, plus we will test this tooling prior to delivery. We can also run a range of trial wax pattern dies in our wax room.

We offer a quick turnaround with lead times as short as 24 hours from receipt of your purchase order.

Other benefits are access to a large capacity for full outsourcing of wax injection and assembly work, plus reduced expenditure on wax injection maintenance.

The use of our expertise, equipment and ceramic cores means scrap is significantly reduced.