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Technical Ceramics

Power Generation Products

Flat glass tempering kiln rollers

Investment casting ceramic cores

Physical vapour transport (PVT) or distribution tubes and manifolds

Physical vapour transport (PVT) or distribution tubes and manifolds

Plasma corona tubes

Plasma corona tubes

Thermal insulation

Thermocouple protection tubes

Wafer carriers

Wafer carriers

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In 2020, natural gas-powered turbines provided about 25% of the world’s electricity, reducing the demand for coal. Morgan’s ceramic cores are essential to the manufacture of the blades within these turbines that maximise the turbine’s power efficiencies.

In 2020, about 4% of the world’s electricity was generated by photo-voltaic (PV) solar panels. Morgan’s fused silica rollers transport flat glass through tempering kilns to produce damage-resistant glass covered Gen I mono-crystalline and polycrystalline and Gen II thin film solar panels. Plasma treating of flexible films for Gen III solar cells are enabled by Morgan’s alumina plasma corona tubes.

Power electronics, which are used within electric vehicle charging stations and inverters that convert solar generated direct current into alternating current, are made using wafers made from Morgan CVD silicon carbide high-purity source material. Also, the gallium nitride or silicon carbide epitaxy layer on the surface of the wafers are deposited by MoCVD equipment that utilise Morgan CVD silicon carbide precision machined components.

The hardware is used within:

  • Glass tempering kilns
  • Vapour distribution and deposition systems
  • Film corona treatment systems
  • Investment casting process


  • Gen I, II, and III photovoltaic solar panels
  • Power electronics for inverters and EV charging stations
  • Industrial gas turbine engines



Typical Advanced Ceramic Materials Used

Morgan is continually developing new materials and components to advance safe, efficient, and renewable methods of power generation including the latest fuel designs.

Our advanced ceramic materials offer superior dimensional stability, strength, stiffness and chemical resistance across a wide range of temperatures.

Morgan Capabilities

  • Worldwide application design and engineering support
  • Vertically integrated ceramic (powder, forming, finishing, coating, glazing), braze alloy (alloying, forming, finishing), and brazed assembly (metallising, brazing, coating) production
  • Redundant manufacturing facilities reducing supply chain risk
  • Broad braze alloy and ceramic portfolio to match application need



Why Ceramics?

Chemical properties

Electrical properties

Mechanical properties

Thermal properties

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We work closely with our customers to design products to specific requirements. Our high quality manufacturing is certified to ISO 9001. We have the capability to produce a very wide range of standard and tailored components including metallised parts and ceramic to metal sub-assemblies in high volume, at competitive prices.

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