Technical Ceramics


Morgan Technical Ceramics have been providing high quality, reliable thermocouples for over 50 years. We pride ourselves on partnering with our customers to develop a bespoke, robust solution which will outperform our competitors.

We offer a wide range of thermocouples designed specifically to withstand extreme environments in a variety of market sectors.

Our thermocouples are custom designed to unique requirements, utilising A950, 94.5% alumina body – ASTM type 2 ceramic body, to provide accurate readability.

Thermocouples are sensors that are used to deliver feedback to customers in a wide range of industries including:

  • Aerospace
  • Security
  • Defence
  • Oil & Gas

The robust seal design of our thermocouples is reliable, with a high corrosion resistance and the ability to operate in extreme environmental conditions. The products have effective thermal properties and are particularly insulation resistant.