Technical Ceramics

Ceramic Injection Moulded Components

Morgan Technical Ceramics has been supporting industries with highly technical, complex ceramic components for several decades through its ceramic injection moulding (CIM) process. Our proprietary materials, processes and quality systems ensure high quality reliable products. CIM has advantages over traditional forming methods in that it can create at or near-net complex shapes which eliminates the need for intensive machining which in turn significantly reduces component cost.

In addition to our historical knowledge, a strong application team with mould flow services will support you to ensure your project is a success.

Ceramic Injection Moulding Applications

  • Medical ablation tips
  • Surgical & endoscopic components
  • Dental components
  • Mass spectrometry equipment (quadrupoles, rods & insulating components)
  • Neuromodulation / neurostimulation implants
  • Energy storage, fuel cell plates and nuclear systems
  • Industrial pumps and sensors
  • High temperature automotive & aerospace sensors

Advantages of Morgan Ceramic Injection Moulding


  • Long standing established supplier of high quality ceramic materials in safety critical application across a broad range of industries
  • High precision, tolerance components at or near-net shape possible in alumina, zirconia and magnesium oxide ceramic
  • Micro ceramic components possible
  • Medical grade Zirconia available compliant to ISO 13356 for medical implants and surgical equipment


  • Complex geometries with either no or very little post processing significantly reduces production costs in volume
  • In house mould flow analysis to support tool & product design to maximise chances of manufacturing success
  • Strong machining and 3D printing capability available to trial prototypes without the need for tool investment
  • High volume capability

Post Processing

  • Alumina and Zirconia grades can be metallised and brazed to provide assemblies, feedthroughs and hermetic seals through ceramic to metal joining technology
  • Machining capability available if further processing is required to meet features and tolerances