Technical Ceramics

Tubes and Ceramic Electrodes

The Morgan Advanced Materials range of Haldenwanger® tubes comprises of a total of 15 oxidic and carbidic material in innumerable designs, among them Sillimatin® 60 Type C 530, Alsint® 99.7 Type C 799 and Pythagoras® Type C 610, all complying with DIN VDE 0335.

The main applications are in the area of thermal processes, but we are also strong partners in the areas of process equipment and scientific equipment. High application temperatures up to 2000°C, aggressive media, rapid temperature changes - whatever the conditions - due to the extreme variety of materials, we are able to offer a suitable ceramic tube for every application. The tube will be custom-made and designed to meet your exact requirements. 


Typical Applications:

  • Protection tubes
  • Insulators radiant tubes
  • Support tubes for electric heaters
  • Beams, profiles and incineration aids
  • Special fabrications