Technical Ceramics

Valve Components

Nilcra® SSN E is an advanced Engineering grade of sintered silicon nitride (Si3N4) designed for applications demanding high strength, toughness and wear resistance.

We use this ceramic to make high performance wear components for corrosive and abrasive fluid in demanding processing environments, such as, chemical processing, paper and pulp manufacturing, and oil and gas extraction and refining. Our product range includes options for ball valves, rotary and linear control valves.

Nilcra® SSN E ceramic provides an exceptionally reliable, high performance option, where other conventional materials, such as, metals and plastics tend to fail. The very high hardness of the material offers excellent resistance to cavitation, a major problem for process control valves.

If you are working in challenging processing environments and would like to know more about our Nilcra® SSN E wear parts, please contact us today.

Used for critical duties in high value processing environments, Nilcra® SSN E valve components offer processors the potential for substantial savings in downtime and valve repair costs. As a result, processors and their equipment suppliers are increasingly demanding it for use in aggressive chemical slurry environments, such as, sour oil, bitumen, bleached wood pulp, sulphur dioxide, concentrated sodium hydroxide, and concentrated sulfuric or hydrochloric acids.