Technical Ceramics

Laser Waveguides / Laser Excimer Components

Morgan Technical Ceramics are specialists in the provision of wave guides, chambers or spacers for CO2 and excimer lasers.

Our products are second to none, being manufactured from high purity AL-995, these products feature tight tolerances and a top surface finish which provides excellent performance for your end application. 

Laser Waveguides / Laser Excimer Components Properties

  • Low dielectric loss
  • Consistent dielectric constant
  • High density, vacuum tight
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Dimensional and electrical stability at all operating temperatures
  • High chemical resistance

These make our products the right choice for a wide range of laser applications, mainly within Industrial and Medical markets. 

We work closely with customers from design through to end production to develop the right laser component for their application ensuring they receive a quality optimised product.