Technical Ceramics

Medical X-ray Tubes

Morgan Technical Ceramics produces a range of medical X-ray components, from anodes and cathodes to X-ray tubes and getter assemblies. Utilising our advanced ceramic-to-metal seal technology we are able to provide reliable and robust X-ray components. We are capable of manufacturing custom solutions to the unique challenges within the X-ray market, based upon the expansive knowledge and expertise of our applications engineers.

Our medical X-ray products combine a variety of metal components and high purity alumina (AL2O3) ceramic with flexible, custom designs. We utilise a range of alumina grades depending on requirement including our high dielectric strength AL-300® alumina which has been optimised for this application. Our ceramic-to-metal designs also ensure cost competitive manufacturing by incorporating a consistent, repeatable manufacturing process. The design flexibility, along with the availability of upper level builds, produces medical X-ray components to the customer's specification at a lower total cost.

Reliability is a core element within our design and manufacturing process, which is why our medical X-ray components reduce the risk of hermetic leaks, offer thermal shock resistance and are engineered without size restrictions. The superior electrical properties of the components also allow for a higher power and safety margin design. The innovations developed by us within the family of X-ray components allow for the longer life of X-ray tubes and showcase the many application-specific advantages of ceramic-to-metal assemblies.