Technical Ceramics

X-ray Power Tubes

We have 50 years’ experience producing power tubes for a wide range of market applications. Specifically designed to provide superior durability and reliability, our products are able to cope with the unique demands placed upon them in harsh, high voltage operating conditions. Using our engineering expertise, we’re able to develop custom solutions for the most complex of customer requirements.

We are an industry leader in the design, production and manufacture of power tubes for a range of demanding applications. Offering a robust design and outstanding reliability, our power tubes are made from AL-300® alumina (97.6%) and are custom built to satisfy the most demanding of customer requirements.

Power Tube Applications

  • X-ray system components for CT scanners within the medical sector
  • X-ray scanners for defence and security NDT applications
  • Photo-multiplier tubes, microwave and travelling wave tubes
  • Satellite engine components
  • Ultra-high frequency broadcasting tubes

All of our X-ray tubes feature superior electrical and mechanical properties to ensure unrivalled performance in extreme conditions. Using our expertise in design and applications engineering, we partner with customers from day one to develop high quality, bespoke solutions.