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Technical Ceramics

Security and Defence Products

From night vision systems to surveillance and communication equipment, our superior materials technology and impressive manufacturing capability deliver real performance benefits in the field.

Night Vision Components

Image intensifier tubes (photocathode tubes)

Oxygen free high thermal conductivity (OFHC) copper braze alloys for hermetic vacuum assemblies

Signal amplification components

Custom klystrons

Custom magnetrons

Metallised ceramic reflector tubes

Travelling wave tube

Vacuum Grade Braze alloys for making hermetic ultra-high vacuum assemblies

X-ray tube components

Cathode or filament holder/assembly


Insulators with optional Charge-Dissipative Coatings


Vacuum Grade Braze alloys for making hermetic ultra-high vacuum assemblies

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Security and Defence Materials

Our advanced ceramic materials offer superior dimensional stability, strength, stiffness and chemical resistance across a wide range of temperatures. Our material range includes:


Security and Defence Applications

Our offering is suited to applications such as soldier protection, armoured vehicle protection, X-ray scanning equipment, electronic devices.

  • Airport and seaport luggage and container screeners
  • Border security vehicle and container screeners
  • Electronic countermeasures
  • High energy physics research
  • Microwave signal transmission
  • Night vision systems/goggles
  • Radar
  • Satellite communications
  • UHF signal transmission

Why Ceramics?

Chemical properties

Electrical properties

Mechanical properties

Thermal properties

Our world-class design expertise and specialist manufacturing capabilities allow us to work in partnership with our military and security customers to develop competitive tailored solutions to meet their needs. Our ceramic components and brazed assemblies are produced to tight specifications, in quantities from one-offs to very high-quality volume production.

We deliver high reliability in extreme environments

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