Technical Ceramics

The Benefits of Our Ceramic Valve Trim

Our ceramic valve trim is mostly made using Nilcra® Zirconia, originally dubbed “Ceramic Steel” when first invented.  This is a non porous, advanced ceramic with high strength and toughness that is highly resistant to chemical reagents, abrasive slurries and operator abuse during installation and servicing.  And, unlike hardchrome, hard facing or thermal spray coatings, it is a solid non porous monolithic material – the wear rate is consistent through and through and our manufacturing process means the material properties (and therefore your performance) wear at a very consistent rate – allowing for planned maintenance cycles.

Used for critical duties in high value processing environments, Nilcra® Zirconia valve components offer substantial cost savings in downtime, maintenance and valve repair costs, whilst maintaining superior process control.

As a result, end users and OEM Valve Manufacturers are increasingly specifying Nilcra® Zirconia valve trim.

Whilst these features make Nilcra® Zirconia an ideal standard ceramic material for OEM’s –more specialized ceramic options such as SSNs and silicon nitrides are also available on request.

If you are working with valves in a challenging processing environment and would like to know more about our hard wearing, non porous and corrosion resistant ceramic valve trim components, please contact our sales team today.