Technical Ceramics

Nilcra® Zirconia Frac Plug Buttons

Morgan’s Nilcra® Zirconia Ceramic Buttons offer an ideal solution when used in Composite Frac Plugs. Our buttons are manufactured from Nilcra® PSZ, the world’s toughest ceramic; offering extremely high strength, hardness and corrosion resistance.  Our exclusive fracture toughness prevents plug cracking or chipping during service.

The unique “transformation toughening” property of Nilcra® PSZ eliminates crack propagation at the critical button edge thus maintaining the structural integrity and optimal well stimulation and output.

Benefits of Nilcra® Zirconia Frac Buttons:

  • Custom made parts to clients drawings and specifications
  • Precise dimensional accuracy   
  • Easy to mill out
  • Flexible stocking arrangements

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