Technical Ceramics

Laser Tubes

For over 60 years Morgan Technical Ceramics has been the premium supplier of custom ceramic laser tubes for electrical, mechanical, high vacuum and thermal applications.

We design and manufacture laser tubes for key global market players in the laser industry. Our laser tubes are developed with our customers and manufactured from our material formulations and proprietary processes. 

Laser Tube Applications 

  • Scientific, entertainment or industrial fields
  • Plasma tubes and wave guides
  • Large complex parts and cavities
  • Heat plates, etc.

Materials, Capabilities and Services

  • Aluminas (94 to 99.9%, dense or porous), aluminium nitride, MACOR®
  • Technical assistance and CAD design interface
  • Some of the largest components in the industry
  • Low particle generation materials and clean room packaging
  • High vacuum hermeticity
  • Specially developed bonding systems: ceramic materials/metallised coatings, patented active braze alloys ABA™
  • Complete documentation and traceability