PBN Plates

Some of the largest Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN) plates the industry produces come from our world-leading materials. Standard sizes are up to 200mm x 250mm with a standard thickness of 1mm-1.5mm.

Due to their high purity, anisotropic thermal properties, chemical inertness, thermal stability and thermal shock resistance, they are excellent for heating arrays for MOCVD reactors and as electrical insulators for CIGS sources.

Our PBN plates are the best choice for your application as they benefit from uniform temperatures across the plate, increased system uptime, consistent system performance and a long life, which ultimately saves costs.

Our ability to manufacture large plates and to provide extensive plate production assures the customer that common sizes are available for immediate use. We machine all components on site for accuracy and consistency. Our engineers work closely with our customers to select the correct plate for their application to meet their exacting requirements.

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