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Technical Ceramics

Medical Ceramic Products and Materials for Healthcare

Healthcare Products

Our high quality medical ceramics are favoured by healthcare device manufacturers and the medical professions for their exceptional physical characteristics. Our medical engineering expertise means we can make optimised healthcare products such as: 

Medical implants

Biocompatible feedthroughs, Braze alloys (available from our Braze Alloys business), Multi-Pin Headers

Analytical Equipment

X-ray tube components, Braze alloys (available from our Braze Alloys business), Metallised assemblies, High pressure feedthroughs

Surgical Tools

Surgical tools, Ablation tips, Robotic end effectors

Medical Lasers

High reflectivity laser cavities and connectors

Healthcare Materials

Our materials provide a barrier to organic growth and resistance to harsh reagents and cleaning chemicals used in these instruments, making them an excellent choice for haematology applications. Key material properties for Healthcare include:

  • Bio-compatibility
  • Durability
  • Hardness
  • Wear and chemical resistance
  • Electrical insulation


Our precision-engineered tips are being used in a new treatment to ablate tumours. The minimally invasive procedure means that patient trauma following surgery is reduced and post-operation recovery times are significantly shorter.

Healthcare Materials

Healthcare Products Capabilities

Our capabilities in thin film electroding, photolithography, precision dicing and composites make us the ideal ceramic medical sub-assembly supplier.

Technical Ceramics