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Process Animations

If you are interested in understanding how our ceramic manufacturing processes work, please explore the animations below.

At Morgan Technical Ceramics we use a variety of advanced manufacturing process to create an array of high performance products of exceptional quality. Whether its ceramic components for aircraft, hard disc drives for the IT industry or even armour for defence purposes, each product we manufacture relies upon proven manufacturing techniques which are scalable, reliable and consistent.

Our animations are provided in order to give insight into our manufacturing processes, showing how ceramic manufacturing techniques work in a step by step animated format.

Simple select the process you are interested in below and you will be shown an animation detailing how the process works and the basic principles behind it:

 If you would like further information into any of our manufacturing processes, are interested in purchasing advanced ceramic products from Morgan Technical Ceramics or would like to explore potential uses for our materials, please contact us today.


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Technical Ceramics is a business of Morgan Advanced Materials. We design and manufacture products for demanding applications in a variety of markets using a comprehensive range of advanced ceramic, glass, precious metal, piezoelectric and dielectric materials Read company details here.


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