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Our ceramic dielectric materials are capable of storing large amounts of electrical charge in relatively small volumes. Because ceramic dielectrics are able to store charge more effectively than other materials, our engineers use them in the creation on components in an array of challenging, market specific applications.

At Morgan Technical Ceramics we have built considerable experience working with dielectric materials and applications. We have employed them across a variety of different market sectors and designed dielectric components for use within a range of high voltage, high power and high frequency environments.


Our dielectric materials and products offer desirable properties for use within electrical systems; these properties include a high dielectric constant (Er), low electrical loss, thermal stability, high intrinsic breakdown for pulse power applications and also resistance to interference from electromagnetic fields.


Morgan Technical Ceramics’ materials engineers take these properties and apply them to client specifications through a proven design and development process. We then utilise our manufacturing capabilities to deliver an end product that performs excellently whilst remaining cost effective.


We have worked with a variety of clients across disparate markets sectors, developing solutions to demanding applications, from corrective vision systems and MRI scanners, to telecoms equipment and components in the TIG welding process.


Typical dielectric characteristics include:

  • Very high dielectric constants
  • Tuneable temperature coefficients
  • High quality factors at many frequencies
  • Excellent resonator material


Typical dielectric applications include:

  • Telecoms equipment
  • Antennae units
  • Filter, bypass and coupling circuits
  • TIG welding
  • High frequency systems


For more information on our range of dielectric materials and products and to see how we could find high performance solutions in your market sector, please contact us today.


For further details on the full portfolio of electro ceramics, please visit www.morganelectroceramics.com

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