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Morgan Technical Ceramics has provided precision-engineered materials, components and assemblies to meet the exacting needs and demanding applications of the aerospace industry for more than 50 years.

From instrumentation and control systems, to engine monitoring, guidance systems and satellite positioning equipment, our superior materials technology and impressive manufacturing capability deliver real performance benefits to leading names in the global aerospace industry.

With our world-class design expertise and specialist manufacturing capabilities, we work in partnership with our aerospace customers to develop competitive tailored solutions to meet their needs. We produce ceramic components, sensors and brazed assemblies within tight specifications, in quantities from one-offs to very high quality medium volume production. Our Wesgo Metals business supplies a range of specialist brazing alloys that are used extensively in aero engine manufacture and repair. Our Electro Ceramics business supply piezo ceramic components and sensors, including fuel level sensors and gyroscopes. Diamonex business in Allentown, USA, provides proprietary coatings on mission critical components of fighter aircraft fuel systems.

Typical materials used:

Typical Aerospace Applications

  • Instrumentation
  • Control Systems
  • Engine Build
  • Engine Refurbishment
  • Engine Monitoring
  • Missile Guidance Systems
  • Satellite Positioning Equipment
  • Fuel Level Sensors
  • Gyroscopes
  • Vibration Sensors
  • DLC Jet Engine Components
  • Micro-electronic packages used in sensor devices.

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About us

Technical Ceramics is a business of Morgan Advanced Materials. We design and manufacture products for demanding applications in a variety of markets using a comprehensive range of advanced ceramic, glass, precious metal, piezoelectric and dielectric materials Read company details here.


Morgan Advanced Materials plc is registered in England 

Registered office at Quadrant, 55-57 High Street, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1LP UK Company number: 286773.