The Technical Ceramics business of Morgan Advanced Materials makes components for niche applications across the electronics sector.

Our world-class precision engineering capability is helping designers and manufacturers of electronic equipment from communications devices to laser instrumentation and IT hardware to improve the size, performance, and reliability of their products.

We make a wide variety of components for various electronics applications including:

Our piezo electro components are highly versatile, durable and stable. They offer excellent electrical, thermal and chemical properties. Our broad range of dielectric materials offers high quality capacitance solutions for applications from microwave to radio frequency (RF) and high voltage systems.

Our diamond-like coatings facilitate significant performance in enhancing a wide range of electronic components and offer the ultimate in performance for the most demanding applications.

We produce a very wide range of standard and custom electronic components and assemblies including metallized parts and ceramic to metal subassemblies. Our specialist manufacturing capability allows us to produce very high quality electronic components in high volume, at competitive prices.

We work closely with our customers to design products to your specific requirements.  To see how we can assist you with your electronics project, contact us today.