Blood Pressure Sensors

The Arterial Pressure Transducer (APT) is a piezoelectric transducer that provides fast, accurate blood pressure readings. Like all of our ultrasonic transducers, it has been designed using our world leading piezo materials. These materials have extremely good electrical loss properties, high coupling and excellent mechanical properties.

We design our transducers using in-house modeling software backed by extensive test and measurement capabilities, including laser vibrometry for displacement measurement. All of our transducer solutions are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of customer specifications, for reliable performance in the most demanding environments.

The APT’s 1.25” diameter probe has a resonant frequency of 1.8khz, capacitance of2000pf, and an output of 3 volts/Newton. It can be used with blood pressure cuffs, works well as a microphone, and comes with a shielded cable. It is available in O.E.M. quantities from stock.

Morgan Advanced Materials is a world leader in the design and manufacture of piezo components used in medical electronics applications, including:

  • gas and liquid flow sensors
  • doppler probes for fetal monitoring
  • air in-line sensors
  • actuators for miniature pumps
  • ultrasonic imaging
  • pacemakers

For more information about the arterial pressure transducers or our ability to manufacture piezoelectric components and assemblies, contact us today.