Utilities Management

The Technical Ceramics business of Morgan Advanced Materials specialises in design and manufacture of piezoelectric ceramic components and ultrasonic sensors for flow measurement of gas, heat and water.

Our products include:

  • Level sensors
  • Flow sensors
  • Bimorph actuators

Our piezoelectric ceramics are ideal for use in ultrasonic sensors and transducers that give accurate measurement of critical parameters such as level, flow, vibration and pressure. The piezo ultrasonic sensors can be combined with optical, temperature, pressure and other sensors to provide equipment manufacturers with a complete multi-functional integrated sensor package from a single source. The uptake of SMART meters for measuring domestic use of gas, heat and water often calls for the accuracy and the solid state solution that can be achieved with our piezoceramic components, sensors and transducers.

Our custom multilayer, bimorph actuators and sensors are suitable for valve applications.  We provide a range of components and sub-assemblies for applications such as machine monitors, power transducers and proximity sensors,

We work closely with customers to develop bespoke products to meet their requirements for increased reliability in harsh processing environments. 

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