Analytical & Process Control

The Technical Ceramics business of Morgan Advanced Materials provides precision-engineered materials, components and sub-assemblies for mass spectrometry applications, in-line measuring and sensing equipment in a variety of industries, including aerospace, medical equipment and general industrial applications.

Our advanced ceramic materials offer superior dimensional stability, strength and stiffness. The resistance of our materials to chemical and physical wear, corrosion and extreme heat makes them ideally suited for use in harsh processing environments.  Our alumina products have excellent properties for high voltage applications and our material is formulated for bare, metallized and Ni plated products. We can also provide straight right cylinder straightness to 10 microinch per inch and roundness to <20 microinches.

We make components for gas analysis equipment, SEM/TEM microscopes and mass spectrometry equipment, including:

  • insulators and lens supports for SEM and IFB columns
  • quadrupole rods and collars
  • valves for blood analysis and
  • octupole insulators/supports
  • level and distance sensors
  • in-line flow sensors

Our piezo ultrasonic sensors can be combined with optical, temperature, pressure and other sensors to provide OEMs with a complete multi-functional integrated sensor package from a single source.

Our ultrasonic sensors can be used for accurate measurement of a wide range of critical parameters such as level, flow, vibration and pressure. Our piezoelectric materials offer both stability and high sensitivity, making them ideal for use in accelerometers, for the measurement of vibration in aerospace applications for example. Our ultrasonic air-in-line sensors, doppler flow and ultrasonic bubble sensors offer high reliability for the detection of air bubbles in liquid flows in medical dosing and similar applications.

With our world-class design expertise and specialist manufacturing capabilities, we work in partnership with our customers to develop bespoke solutions to meet their needs. We produce high quality ceramic components and brazed assemblies to tight specifications in quantities from one-offs to volume production.

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